Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If only (Jung & Freud)...

If only (Jung & Freud)...

I sleep with pigeons
   on the concrete building ledge
      dream drowning.

Too many aliens appear/robed in white coveralls
sport bubblehead noggins
 move in too close
     to my self skin
      silently menace
          scare me into a new dream drowning.

A lion on the floor above
leaps on another lion
 two big beast cats
   come crashing down below
     onto my ledge of pigeons
       & we all free tumble downward.

- if only Jung & Freud had seen us
so they could play chess with these dream drownings
of mine & maybe I could glimpse what was what
& who was who under the buzzing lights.


  1. I like this, especially the big wrap-up, the lucidity of chess play revealing subterranean meaning.

  2. I am still thinking about this poem, two days later, *J*. The poem itself is worth a long savor, and then your meta-frame. where are Jung and Freud? I love how you invite them in, into the dream, where we have more permission for words. "dream drowning" so satisfying a phrase. Perhaps, collectively, as poets, we all can be Jung and Freud - or the writing of the poems themselves?