Monday, December 19, 2011

Prompt: Listen to Rocks

Whether small, round, or jagged, looking like a Goddess or a cavern, go find a rock and listen to it. Write a poem of what it says to you, what poem it wants you to write. It could be a fantastical rock, as in J's "New Discoveries in Familiar Places" or it could be a pebble from the walkway to your apartment.

If you are in a zany mood, you could have the shape of the poem reflect the shape of the rock, or include a picture. Perhaps the rock is telling stories of its history, its forging or friends. Geologic time moves at a different pace, so listen close: some rocks whisper; others shout.

Tags: Poem, Rock, [Poet's Moniker]

Image credit: Scooter Cascadia, Sedona, Walk along Oak Creek to Cathedral Rock, January '2011

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