Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Everything that starts does not have an end [Song]

Everywhere I put you, you span outward again

I cannot place the breath sounds of your voice

Which seem to peter out towards the end

As if what sustained you was stopping short.

Some people make more promises than can be counted.

Some people don’t belong to a place on a map.

Some people carry their heart full of holes, unrepaired.



Don’t tell me it’s holy, as if you cared

As if I was some kind of reckless sap

Who could be turned cartographic by you, after you flouted

Every highway ribbon, unbolted the cavorting

horses on every carousel. As if to send

the breathless breath of every choice

Flying outward, placeless, never to land.


  1. I was listening to the radio to this song which had these plaints alternating in emotionally stirred and relatively calm stanzas and I am intrigued by this frowsy discontentedness, shaken and stirred. How the posture of discontentedness seems to have permeated the field. So I played with this and the kinds of metaphors I have been encountering when taking in recent sung verse forms - all the while peeling the onion rhyme.

  2. Absolutely MESMERISING. I loved the first paragraph. Reminds me of myself.

  3. "unbolted the cavorting horses on every carousel" nice & like the emphasis of "every"