Friday, December 30, 2011

Playland at the Beach

Playland at the Beach

side rail skee-ball
25c in the coin rack
send the wood ball into the center pocket
200 center hole points
scores a ticket

Sal casts an edgy spell
over the centrifugal force disc go round
rockets kids flying onto the floor

Sal cackles & calls us
up into the fun house
across a steel bridge
where we are blasted from below
by air shots
that lift shirts & skirts
to show skin bared to all

& the herkum jerkum wild mouse
left our bodies sore
from knees slapped against steel encasements
& necks snapped backward against sheet metal

side rail skee-ball ate all our quarters by now
& that leaves laughing Sal laughing at us boys
left holding only bright purple fuzzy snakes
even our little sisters don’t want

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