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IMUNURI Prompt: Balsamic

Balsam magnified,  nouslife.blogspot.com
"The distinction between resin and balsam is one of form, on a fundamental level: Simply put and generalising, resinous materials come in the form of solidified, gum-like 'tears' seeping from the elixir vitae circulating into the bark of big trees, such as the Boswellia Carteri (which produces frankincense). Balsams on the other hand are trickly materials, not necessarily tree secretions, often coming as they do from flower pods or bushy twigs (such as vanilla orchids or the Mediterranean rockrose). ... The real focus when referencing balsamic and resinous terminology is how the materials actually smell and how they're different or common in scent, rather than what their origin is. 
Therefore, for ease, resinous & balsamic materials are classified into 3 distinct olfactory profiles according to their aromatic properties first and foremost." These are soft balsamic smelling, resinous balsamic smelling and powdery balsamic smelling. More details including pictures at Perfume Shrine.

Now some definitions beyond the definition of balsamic as relating to balsam, as illuminated above.

Balsamic can refer to any fragrant ointment, specifically those used for ceremonial or medicinal use.
Balsamic can refer to any substance or energy that heals, soothes, or restores.
And of course, there's balsamic vinegar.

There's also in astrology the balsamic moon, which occurs when the Moon is less than 45 degrees behind the natal Sun. Per wikipedia: "The balsamic Moon is said to relate to one's commitment to destiny, so whenever the Moon is placed in this position it is at a very crucial point, and attention should be made to the earthly events that occur during such an astrological configuration. The balsamic moon also is said to relate to healing and rest, since it is the last phase before the Dark (or New) Moon."

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