Sunday, April 28, 2013

Word after Wordlessness~1st scibblings after a long pause

1st Haiku:

That morning,  I fainted

When I came to,   there was Breath

My loyal servant

( dispassionate master )

1st E-mail:

FROM: "The Maiden"

TO:   Befriended Shadow
CC:   Unfathomable Void

Dearly clearly recognized one,

I no longer doubt you ~~~ nor do I believe you.
The Pomegranate seeds you forced down my throat last Spring  reddened my tongue.  Then the old woman baptized it with her brew.   Now I can easily dissolve your acids!
We two are indeed Eternal friends .....but I am no longer your quarry, your prize, no longer fair game.
I will continue to allow our Winter picnics and night time tea parties.


"The Maiden"

1st  Interpretation of the  Buddhist "Heart Sutra"

The patient one
free to live her own precious heart's timing.
Releasing the numberless beings and the ten thousand things.
for the truth of which truth can name
for the truth of which truth cannot name
for the truth of which truth can neither name or not name...


  1. Love this line:

    I feel it all around us now - loosening the strictures and congestion of the cold time, which I also resist thinking of as poison, yet there is something so open, warming, whole, a healing brew to spring's heat and opening... any turn toward empowerment on the old myths layered on top of older myths we only glimpse, welcome.

    Thanks Rachel!

  2. Hi Rachel - Welcome back to our Imunuri - I missed your words. I like your haiku a lot. - *J*