Tuesday, April 9, 2013

IMUNURI Prompt: Flower Shower - one more week

Hold a branch. Smell a flower. Be a tree. This week, connect with the thrumming spring happenings. Write from the point of view of the branch/flower/bee/or tree, what is it like, this thing, spring?

Artwork by Viola Kaia

Riff option 1: Write as a poetic address or speech to the Congress of Spring

Riff option 2: Create ambiguity so it's not 'til later in the poem (if ever) that it's apparent who is the speaker (or that the speaker is not human)

Riff option 3: Write in the pseudolanguage (or human-other species pidgin) of the being who is speaking/expressing in your poem - or in their completely other native language

Riff option 4+: Go where nature takes you...

Keywords: poem, spring, poet's-moniker

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