Monday, April 15, 2013

Subsection at the Congress of Flowers, Spring 72013, Announcing the Contested Theme of "Green Might"

Ahem. With the adoption of the international motto of the consortium for the preservation of frolicking nymphs and woodsprites, here in the sunset lit glade with rain that slants like clementine flowers, softly, behind new willow and ash, green- fronded, luxuriant-haired trees, we can embrace "green might" as our seasonal theme with a soft sigh and a shiver of delight. I want to honor those who made the case for "flower power" as theme and the ones contesting power and might with nonviolent metaphors such as "tree hug." I would remind everyone that, though hotly discussed, we will have another opportunity, when next we gather at the flat rocks by the river when the full moon crosses the middle hill then rises, to discuss future themes. 
         I know that those who feel confident there is only one goddess and her color is green as well as those more metaphysical sprites who look to the stars for a polytheistic galactic pantheon glittery in aspect might feel unsettled that we have decided to defer discussion on the nature of Nature to the summer convocation. Nevertheless, let us rejoice, in "green might."

Some announcements: 
        Dragonflies have decided to make themselves available off the cedar esplanade at break time. Shining or buffing wings and/or singing with glitter application are considered acceptable mutually reciprocal gifts for lifts.  
        The group magnolia flower essence making playshop has been moved to the opening flowers by the moon glade, to be summoned by the trumpetflowers after skyglow passes.    
        Thirdly, the sunset team is requesting votes via seedpods for the spring sky palette. As usual, vibrate your magical dandelion seed heads with your color votes and deposit them by the base of the flowering chestnut by the dark of the moon to participate. Your colors count!  A note, to the pranksters who submitted polka dots, the sunset team will not accept clear patterns of simple shapes of any kind, particularly not in neon green, and requests you refrain from placing such repulsive visual horrors near the growing palette emergence. 
A new event: the bumble bees are hosting the first honey tasting of the season at the first glimmer of Venus in the evening sky.  Additionally, three more slots for sparkle and gleam apprenticeships at the hive are available; beings under 1,000 suncycles most welcome. 
With no further ado, let us skylark our way to the main leaf stage where the Gaia Gala will begin. Green Sunshine and the Hummingbirds will lead the dance. 


  1. Ahhh......I'm rejoicing as I read and re-read this majic dissertation on the biodiversity of mystery.
    Thanks for revealing and describing the multi-coloured spectrum of "Green" in such lush language!


  2. In general and specific, I love getting this memo! Glad for the healthy debate and inclusive acknowledgments followed by ore delightful offerings, exchanges and of course Green Sunshine and the Hummingbirds