Friday, May 3, 2013

[here they come, from the tree of life]

here they come, from the tree of life
down the shutes of ducts:
sacred balsam trickles

i will not wipe these tears away

i will allow, like sap accretes on sap, 
the vital elixir
  more flexible than sap
to mark where 
my life opened
and the pulse of life flowed through

over time, over the bark of my skin
around my eyes, amber fountains
create waterfalls over crags

can't you see them, 
even now, 
diaphanous, glowing

why it helps us feel across, 
these ghostly flows, slow
and potent
around the eyes, their staying 
power, geographies of pain 
and tender, each to each

1 comment:

  1. I will not wipe these tears away.....more flexible than sap....and tender each to each...

    Scooter, these lines are a soothing balm for me today.

    Thanks for writing them!