Thursday, May 9, 2013



  Mud noma
    appellation:  Muro Dols
last seen in La Brea Tar Pits
searching for old bones
& discarded pet collars;
oxygen tank near at hand

steam still rises from black
oiled earth
sulphur wafts
Muro Dols stick searches muck
lifts a studded leather ring
up onto the bank
Slodurom his dog
runs over to sniff, tail wagging,barks
& circles the collar
crude oil spurts from below
a natural resource

Pioneer Gas Company
brings engineers & petrogeeks
down to the National  Natural Landmark
soon to buy the nearby 7/11
soon to be razed
a well dug right there on the city corner
of Wilshire & W 8th St.
to tunnel down & through native horse bones
to suck earth’s stuff
so man can drive thru
& steer down asphalt streets.

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