Thursday, May 9, 2013

Meeting Clay

                        I’m hearing a soundtrack by Les Claypool

My surname is Mud. Isn’t yours?
(The truth is, I’d forgotten it.)
My given names are Anda Corse
(first words I heard as an infant).
Middle name’s Movin. Nickname’s “Force.”

Put it together, and you get
Anda Corse “The Force” Movin Mud.
Whose hand is mine? You’re shaking it.
So where do we go from here, bud?
I’ve crisscrossed the high crust two score

and five. I’ve pulled a lot of pud.
I’ve left some accidental dents.
I’ve always moved to do some good.
Now I’m suffused inside your scents,
meeting you like the first begot,

forming a mutual legend
that begins, of course, where it ends.

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