Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ostensibly So

In a world of polarity
The dance is true and all
That is not true too
Whatever arises As if
Only appears that way
Ever so slightly more
Strongly than its absence

We negate and negate
Only to affirm that which
We so strongly urge to
Disappear or to not seem
Real --can it even be so?
How many millions pour
Into this machine day upon

Night? Perhaps there are a
Few/many things/no things
resting/writhing in/out what
Is --perhaps/surely language
A guess is surely/perhaps not
Music does embrace/reject that
Which is/is not sound/silence

Language stands/falls as the
Mightiest/weakest liar/truth
Teller of us/them all/none
What kind of bargain/force
R we/U dancing/stilling
With/against while speaking/
Refraining from speaking

What is/is not being said
Where is/isn't the polarity/
Non-polarity and can/cannot
We/I simply/complexly be/not
Be as we so/so not confidently
Deny/assert? Summarily so all
That Is is That and also This


  1. Thanks Janice, there is no better time of year than now for still to be a verb:
    "R we/U dancing/stilling
    With/against while speaking/
    Refraining from speaking"

  2. Yes, yes! No, no!
    My thinking/your thinking also/not at all!
    I find a new meaning of the punctuation "/" in this: not a dividing or "slash" but a combining, not option but inclusion, not "and/or" but "both/plus/including converse/obverse/reverse"
    I am excited by this poem.

  3. Hey Daniel,
    I'm so glad/touched/opened that you are excited by this poem. I love the inclusion both/plus/including inviting three (Ah, The Circle of Three shows up again!) instead/additionally/alternatively to naming only/singly/all of two. Something that has stayed with me when I first read about it is that the original language/tongue/speak of Christ had three different meanings, every word! So the folly/play/orneriness of single/imperative/authoritative translations of Christ's teachings. Here is a reiteration from the introduction that I read in Neil Douglas-Klotz's book on the The Lord's Prayer: