Friday, December 21, 2012

(everything helps)


where is the book - 
how etymology would be like understanding ancestors
and how we also need to listen to the future beings - 
what is that, how to understand the futurewords, not simply
derivational but also visionary/suppositional

nice used to mean foolish
fools used to be prophets

what kind of blessed foolishness from the future might illuminate and guide us
if we were to listen

nice (adj).  [etymological entry from the future]
late 23c., "envisioning possibilities" from New French nice (22nd century), related to the rattle blast rocket ships capacity to stun the passenger into a hypnotic humming state of bliss through subtle vibration. Related to the idea of rocket travel as a kind of salvation, a common milennial fever in 2090-2114 during the first planetary exodus. 

nice used to mean not knowing, in the future, it comes to mean, knowing not only with the senses; intuitive, visionary