Monday, December 24, 2012

Re~noodling "Isaac's Flight" ( on a suggestion from Janice Sandeen )

Isaac's Flight

Our lullaby verses for the year
Her words were our shared comfort
The tender new buds of recognition
The stubborn old rifts between us 
 “He was peaceful
They were slow, full belly breaths ” 
Before the morning of his flight
Heavy eyes had watched him all night
In his final bedchamber
That sterile nook that was
Curtained off privacy
While we stood bewildered 
His spirit hovering above us
Like an old Eagle at rest
A strong Semitic nose
The beautiful curve
More pronounced than ever as he lay there
The mouth hanging open and dark
His forehead warm and moist when I kissed it
In the hour after he died
Sweet relief was all around him
Then gone
Slipped out through an opening
No one was watching
The secluded moment
True to form
In the harbour of his sleep
In his mother tongue
He was saying goodbye 
Leaving his hard earned English language behind
Defying all impaired reasoning
Shining through the fog of his Dementia
The anchor of his sweet calm
A near extinct Moroccan Spanish
Picking up speed and entangled memories
With time spent spinning in circles
In that hospital room corner
Papa was splayed out in all directions

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