Monday, July 9, 2012

VACANT LOT ~ a 2nd Tribute to the urban farm

A sure footed approach makes it down intact

Most are hunched and pulling at the ground

In the garden
He takes their hands and brings them to their knees
For these kids... that's a steep plunge

You could say, he's somewhat of a
Messianic farmer
Recruiting young disciples for his outdoor hearth
Taking their rage under his wing
Sanctifying it
Stirring it's heat into a ground of  true and forgotten wealth
The soul of another Vacant Lot revived
Made holy for a while
Trust-timed to explode abundance

It's hard not to notice, how patiently
He's raking in the alfalfa meal, the potassium
How he's developing a knack for
Deterring flea beetles and face to fist contact

This evening, he strolls with a steady stride
Around volatile corners of flare-up kids
Their gunship alleys
Each face reminds him of someone he knew
Each one, not letting him forget

If you asked him how he does it, he might say
"It's like harvesting seed...
You know what to look for...You gather when they're ready...”
You pray for good conditions
Long enough to establish roots”


  1. Really appreciating "volatile corners of flare-up kids/Their gunship alleys" and some of the other dense metaphoric language.

    In the final paragraph, I wonder about "might" - it confirms the poet is watching from a distance (echoes "you could say" earlier) rather than zooming in. When I was re-reading I was wondering, at the end he is talking, how would it be different if he were saying it himself?

    1. Thanks for the feedback Scooter...much enjoyed and appreciated...I'll consider your invitation to look at the end of the poem where my "hero" is talking...