Sunday, July 15, 2012

The play of fragmentation

In Mother Teresa's prayer
She asks her Jesus for deliverance
From the desire to be loved, extolled
From the fear of being slandered or forgotten

Remember the stories of how she moved
Like a blue flame
Through the streets of Calcutta
The glowing embers of love's disciples at her feet
Carrying the virus
The doubt that had infected her courage

Collecting lost, broken pieces of the Christ
The dusty mass
The frame of a being
Gathering this one into her freedom
Into her care

The holding preceded by a recognition
The one who is the long lost friend
The one who she could have mothered
The one who could have mothered her

At a still point in time
The entire family is seen in the dying woman's face
A clanless, tribeless whole
Abiding in the ordinary divinity of the heart
Freed from the trap
Of love needing love's proof

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  1. Mm! This builds to a stunning conclusion, Rachel.