Monday, July 30, 2012

IMUNURI Prompt: Snippet

IMUNURI Alchemy Dazzles at Two Portland Shows

First: IMUNURI Poets Scooter, Daniel, J and TK will stir it up at two interactive poetry confabs in Portland in two weeks.

Please help us spread the word to folks in the Portland Area who would enjoy a great night of readings, music, collaborative poetry making, open sharing and more. Shows take place:
Saturday, August 11, 6-8 pm Bipartisan Cafe 7901 SE Stark
Sunday, August 12, 7-9 pm Tabor Space 5441 SE Belmont
$5-10 suggested donation. No one turned away.

Now, for this week's prompt, take a snippet.
Overhear something at a bus stop, in the office, around the block. Grab a bit of a conversation from the playground, the line at the DMV, the elevator or the supermarket. Steal some words that weren't intended for your attention. Repeat them to yourself so you don't forget them before you get a chance to write them down. Consider carrying a scrap of paper and a stumpy pencil with you this week so you can be ready.

ALTERNATELY, don't leave your snippet to chance. Ask somebody for a sentence, a phrase, part of a story, an idea or an inspiration.

What amazing tale does that airy, momentary comment indicate? If you asked for details, for clarification, elucidation, evidence, what might you uncover? What can you invent around the snippet? Use it as inspiration to write. Be unexpected. Be interested. Be unmistakable.

labels: snippet, your name, poem

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