Monday, July 9, 2012

Prompt: Beehive (Be Hive) Collaborations

Bilby, 2009, Natural Beehive
Write a poem inspired by the beehive, by bees, by large collaborations humming along.

Are you busy as a bee? Buzzing about?
Gathering nectar? Savoring honey?

Considering having fun with one or more of these options:
  • The old name for bees, and for those who tended them, is "Melissa." Write a love letter to "Melissa" in honor of the pollinating that bees do, making so much fruit and food and seed possible...
  • Go outside and find a bee or gaze at flowers. Watch the bee for five to ten minutes, then write a poem
  • Gather 10 words symbolizing or reflecting characteristics that help us collaborate ... then use these to write a poem
  • Spend an hour of today (whether in an office or a farmer's market or a bus or ...) experiencing with extended senses, how you are part of something larger. Feel your antenna, what do you feel with them? What is your hive like? What directional dances do you share to help others find the juicy flowers? How are you helping build the hive? 
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Aruna, 2009, Natural Bee Hives in Vellapara, Kerala, Wikimedia Commons

Image Credits

Bilby, 2009, Wikimedia commons, Natural Beehive, Coromandel Valley, South Australia

Image of a wild hive from Wikimedia Commons. First,
Second, Aruna, Natural Bee Nests in Rock Cavities in Vellapara, India, 2009, Creative Commons,,_Kerala.jpg#

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