Monday, July 2, 2012

Special Prompt: I Am You And You Are I ( I M U N U R I )

Poets of Imunuri:

Hand-painted trumpets and cornets by Juleez

Reach for the trumpets,

Photo by Yungshu Chao

Start burning the incense,


Art by Harvey the Pooka

Get out your best quill pen...

Here's a special prompt in preparation for our upcoming chapbook and Portland Oregon road tour!

Take our blog's namesake as your prompt:
"I am You And You Are I."

Birth something beautiful, bold, memorable, creative, fabulous, quirky, and/or eccentric...

How are we part of each other?
Are we soul-twined in the tapestry of life?
Is poetry a form of group be-ing?
Does the spark of our group call and response, conjuring, and collaboration make us part of creation? Make us Creation? Make us part of each other?
How are you and I breathing each other?
Is poem-making mutualistic like tree exhalation being human inbreath outbreathing breath for tree? Are we entirely co-existing, overlayerings of hue and tone?
Does poetry increase our inner and outer being, expand our edges, unfurl us?
Am I already speaking your words while writing this, because I am you and you are I?

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PS notice how the cross section profile of a trumpet looks like faces in relief? Is that an example of how I am You and You are I?

Bonus PS: Please put forward poems(s) of yours to be included in the chapbook. Choose the ones that move you most. If you have favorites by other poets, let them know. Submissions by Friday, July 6, please and thank you thank you thank you

Image credits: 
1. Juleez Hand Painted Trumpets and Cornets, In context:  Actual image location:
2. Smoking Incense Burner in Nepal. Yungshu Chao/iStockphoto. In context on Science Daily:
3. Harvey the Pooka (2012). The Quill Pen.
4. Baroque (left) and modern trumpet mouthpieces, from Essential Vermeer. In context: Actual image location:

5. A Chorus of Trumpets Sculpture (2011)- by Artist Howard Kalish, installed at Indiana State Rankin Plaza. In context: Image location:

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