Sunday, May 13, 2012

Roots = up

Jean-Francois Dupuis
Let's imagine the roots as the plant's
upper hands, burrowing head-first
below ground to embrace toward
the center of the pull. That makes
the out-of-earth bodies of trees,
grasses, and all rooted vegetation
into the leggy tendrils dangling
out into cool pools of lit
and darkened space.


  1. Woah, thanks for helping me stand on my head and see things as they really are, from the core of the earth. "That makes/the out-of-earth bodies of trees...into the leggy tendrils dangling/out into the cool places of lit...." Magnificent!

    Connects a bit with the dreaming coming from being upside down on the earth one
    , or upside down i invents ...

  2. In other words, maybe we're all really just writing one poem, amongst us, all the time, over the entire course of the river of our breaths, and perhaps beyond, and perhaps before, like the breath of trees, millenial, epochal, steady, life-giving