Monday, May 14, 2012

the nerve

it seems funny
but sometimes it isn't
i argue the point with myself
i toss and turn inside
a tiny spot
could only be
like some vital
diving divining
where knowing is
such as things guided

many things take on
this sourcing as
metabolic highroad
only to find now
destruction* too is
divine sourcing
energy   making space
for what life
is yet
to flow
so why do i resist

this divinity
within the very
sinew and bone
the marrow
the root of wisdom
tooth now aflame
with its work
for this time
achingly true
offering itself
once again such
that i live true

so much energy
yet emerging?
or here perhaps?
and i just confused
with it in its old
form reprimand
beaten back
that wood so surprisingly
springing forth once
again and again
life is just that
innately true
unexpected pure

something at work
                is this private?
sure to hold
               anything in the way?
my attention
               i place myself
yet with the wrong
               here with this
can it falter?

under a dictionary entry for metabolism: 

"Two kinds of metabolism are often distinguished: constructive metabolism, the synthesis of the proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that form tissue and store energy, and destructive metabolism, the breakdown of complex substances and the consequent production of energy and waste matter."

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