Monday, May 7, 2012

I Protect Protest I

[in response to the prompt: Reckless ~ April 22 – May 7 2012]

What is there
to protect or be                 protesting from?
This question
gives gave given
to me as a gift
from above
I feel
the ‘above’ (as in
is so not real
is    so   not   real
and yet
yet yet
it runs me
like the protestation
that I feel        within me
yet there is a Me that is
not any of this
I know that for certain

and yet I’ve carried
this wandering baggage                               
trying to clean it up
find it a home and more
all unconsciously as if as if
there was        something
to do about
the                 it
that is
not an            it
after all
all the
all the
all the
inner              wrestling
                                  with deities
that have long long long been over
their reign in this world

what is there to protect
I was told the answer
to this question
I was told that I am only protecting
         in self preservation
protecting myself <<<<<from>>>>> myself


In that answer
the walls come tumbling down
not like Humpty Dumpty
but like the fairy tale world
that all the deity’s horses
and all the deity’s men
couldn’t put Humpty together again

The News Is
this may be the best turn out of any fairy tale
yet we are told to weep and sorrow
at this outcome
and    even that  

is the clue       that was there         all along

Can what be dashed on the ground
be real
in the first place

if there was a first place at all

What do others think of us, when all that crying
is the very factor with which we can begin
to test
         and taste and feel and touch and gaze
into ourself(ves)
w i t h  t h a t  l i s t e n i n g

self pre serve vation
self press innervate

Thanks to William Linville, co-Creator extraordinaire

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  1. A note about process: 'protecting' became 'protesting' in the blind of writing in too small a font to see. That really shifted the whole sense of the poem for me as it happened in the first line. There were also other 'mistakes' and shifts in seeing differently than what my focus seemed to be landing on while writing. Thanks for this cool prompt! :-)