Monday, May 14, 2012

IMUNURI prompt: cutting away

The name IMUNURI comes from cutting all extra letters and spaces from the sounds in the sentence, "I am you and you are I."

The image at the right comes from a piece of soft linoleum where everything but the image is cut away to make a stamp.

Natalie Goldberg quotes William Carlos Williams speaking to Allen Ginsberg: "If only one line has energy, then cut the rest out and leave only that one line. That one line is the poem."

This week, create a poem by or about cutting away.
You might take an early draft or freewrite and find the one-line poem within it.
You might try a blackout poem, cutting away from a found source of words everything that isn't a poem.
You could write a poem in a linoleum cut.
You could write an epic-length poem on themes of cutting away.

If you choose to create outside the usual ideas of what poetry is, simply cut those idea away and create.
Or cut away every distraction between you and your language to make an uncuttable unit of expression.

labels: Cutting, poem, your name

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