Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prompt: Part of the Mystery -or- music in the morning

Dansch, 2011, Mystery Rain

 I woke up this morning with this portion of the song "Fall Down as the Rain"  going through my head...

Jennifer Berezan's rendering of Joe Crookston's "Fall Down as the Rain"

When that eagle learns to fly
and flutter from that tree,
I'm going to turn myself around again
Part of the mystery

Part of the mystery
Part of the mystery
Turn myself around again
Part of the mystery

This week, write about turning yourself around again as __what?___, or about turning around again as part of the mystery. I know it can be difficult to discuss the numenous/ineffable, that's part of the Imunuri poetry challenge this week, to write about the ineffable.

Another possible direction: the first line of the poem/song talks about turning around and falling down as the rain.

And/or, write a poem riffing on a song that comes to you on waking.


Tags: poem, mystery, poet's moniker

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