Monday, April 23, 2012

"Never in a Vest"

(The Sinatra hit that never was)

I feel better in a sweater.
I can stay afloat in a coat.
I know that I can hack it when I put on a jacket,
but I never look my best in a vest.

I can dig a trench coat--that’s a fact,
and I feel mighty macho in a mac.
My heart beats quicker when I slip into a slicker,
but I never look my best in a vest.

Outerwear suits me fine
I wear it out at any time, in nearly any clime.

I can fit in any knit or any weave--
but I won’t play in any layer that doesn’t even have a sleeve.

Well, I look real good in a hoodie.
and I fare fairly decent in a fleece.
I feel like head honcho when I don a poncho,
but I never look my best in a vest.

I’m perfectly happy in a serape.
I’m no pushover in a pullover.
The tailor has a taker if she’ll make me a windbreaker,
but I never look my best in vest.

Baby, anything’s a snap in a wrap.
I’ll give it my all dressed in a shawl.
I’m not trying to brag--I’m glad in any old rag
but I never look my best--and let's make a clean breast:
I never look my best-- why, I'm hardly even dressed!
It may be neatly pressed, but I really must protest
because I never look my best in a vest.

(Old Blue Eyes would have used this alternate for the "old rag" line when playing the Borscht Belt:  “It hardly seems to ‘matta’--it could be any old shmata”)

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  1. I am refreshed in the energy of playfulness I feel in the reading flow and lyric flow and lyric :-)

    Tanks a lot Franiel!