Sunday, April 1, 2012

"communication for fools" by FangO

and we’re waiting for brunch after our order ticket
was dropped out of the queue due to a server error,
talking with our friends visiting from Sacramento—
he’s a professor sick of watching grinning young faces
turned downward into their laps where their hands are
moving vigorously. Please stop texting during my class,
he says several times a semester. Through the morning,
I have made it a point to glance into my red smartphone
and run thumbs across its keypad, but now I pretend it
is vibrating and pull it out of my pocket with annoyance
and disdain. Like this thing, I cry. It never lets me be!
And I throw it into my water glass where it splashes
spray onto the table and then sits magnified through
the glass and the cold water. My smartphone is under-
water. Nobody says anything. My friends are stunned
for ten seconds at least before they begin to fish around
for a question or something appropriate to say now that
our down-with-technology mantra has come true. It is
that crux of time that’s the joy of the trickster, the joy
of the fool. A shout out to my friend Janet who is a pro
photographer and thought of me while she was getting
rid of a set of fake cell phones that are no longer being
used in ads. That thing made April 1 very special for me.


  1. Wonderful story. Great fun!

    And thanks so much for participating in last week's Limerick-Off. A new one has begun. Hope to see you there!

  2. I like this a lot. Coincidentally, I've been searching for recent poems that have to do with internet technology. Difficult to find. Most poets focus on nature and imagery not related to technology.

    1. True, Ed.
      And how have you been, anyway?
      Watcha uptoo?