Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Prayer of the Bear

An animista poem from my archives ~ perhaps 2006

~ ~ ~

I am a Bear, like the Great Mother, she-Bear, I rise bringing body, 
blood, wonder, and a great big Heart out into this World.

I praise the Creature within me, within each of us, like this Bear,
like the Great Mother, waiting to infuse our every cell with Aliveness.

The fury that moves through these incredible bones and sinew
is the Fury that Feasts on pure Awakeness and Vibrancy of the Soul.

This Bear is awakening in me, her Wisdom moving me, gently licking 
me like her bear cub, with her huge Tongue, the heat, the Vitality of Home.

My Walk is pure when I feel the aliveness just as Aliveness, nothing more certainly 
nothing less. My great big Paws and claws tenderly scoop the Honey Nectar.

I drink, my Tongue moving deep in my Throat, being coated with the Golden
Wisdoms of Truth, Feasting on this in the Springtime of my Stirring.

I share Her Now, for She is you, for She is me, She is the Vitality of We. 
May Her Stirring wake within us, wake within you, Continue to Wake Within me.


  1. I am going to make sure Lauren reads this. We were just talking about bear as her totem animal (or one of them)!

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