Sunday, October 20, 2013


I have awoken as rock to our story
It's as plain as day to me
You and I have always been rock
solid, laying against each other 
as millenia move within us
birthing consciousness into body
exquisite exhalation expanding
as time breathes through us
the inner layers resonating deeply
as fire and heat conceive new form
diamond, rose quartz, jasper, gold

Our story is older than words or eyes
our veins beg us to remember
my womb cries it's earth quake
your love rocks me full
mineralizing our tongues, we kiss
upheavaling, we fold together
emerging, rising out of the waters
our ancient forms soften, smoothed
by the rich tastes of song eternal
we move our bodies toward the sun
intertwined, resting, deeply peaceful

 ~ another animista poem from my archives ~ this is what the muse offers for this prompt ~

 25 May 1997


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you took this one in, Rachel! Thank you.

  2. Wonderfully charged! I love the line break at "You and I have always been rock / solid, laying against each other." I find this such an open love poem, the kind that's about relationship on such an open scale that humanity isn't a necessary ingredient. Love poem of mountain and sky, of planet and space, of person and land... For me, it gets at the deep peace that surrounds the experience of being.

    1. Ah, Daniel, thank you for your timeless seeing / knowing/ being. Yes, it is a deep love poem on all those counts / non-counts! :-)