Monday, October 14, 2013

snakeshining dark

she slither across.
her back: river meanders
and moving, the sound of
all-motion (leaves-in-trees not
motorcycles) a rattling
pervading, more than one

her time scale millenia

every freckle is a diamond on
the flecks of her smooth skin
resplendent chinks, snakeshining
endarkenwombing the moving
of her slithersloping roping

undulant earthing
grandmother of time,
planetary presence,
we know the abacus of your
snakeskin patterns count
the aeons til you reappear
ing subsume us in chordant
motion, rattle us back to
righteous balance

skeins of slain foremothers weave
her slick smooth earth-waving,
redolent of life: fecund earth blessing

when troubled, we lie down
roll bellydirtslide bellydirtslide
she is coming, soon now

1 comment:

  1. Hi Scooter, I just got back from a Southwest road trip. Your poem resonates with my desert experience. Beautiful languaging! thanks!