Tuesday, March 19, 2013

some dialog from "Tadisch & Tungsen" cont.

Tungsen came from Norge & wears a knit green hat. He already smokes a pipe. He carries
a walking pole he carved himself. Up & down the pole are carved snakes coiled around apples.
Tadisch is intrigued.
“ Where did you get that stick?”
“I made it myself. Where can I get a cup of coffee around here?”
Tadisch without hesitation replied,
“I will take you there.”
So Tadisch & Tungsen show up at  Kranes Cafe.
“What is your name?”
“Tungsen. What is yours?”
“Tadisch with a CH. Where are you from”.
“I am from Norge” Do you live here?”
“I do. What brings you away from home?”
“I am looking for a horse. I hear there are good horses in this Undersee region.”
“We do raise good horses here. What do you want a horse for?”
“I want a horse I can ride to Turkey and then south to Damascus. I will trade the horse for   Syrian  silver jewelry.”
“That will take a special horse to make such a long journey.”
“That is why I came to Undersee to find the best horse.”
Tadisch looked at Tungsen with wonder. He took out a handkerchief and emptied his pipe
onto the cloth. Then he scraped the bowl and tapped the pipe out. He pulled a pouch of Samson from his pocket and refilled the pipe.He tapped the fresh tobacco down with his forefinger and placed the pipe back in his coat.

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