Monday, March 4, 2013

gaian thriving

i feel how i am accruing,
the body that is not these cells but the place cells like these
will take life and flow away

the empress is everywhere, she never had any clothes
neither did we til this habit of hiding and lying
arose, and now soon

the demise of our species

part of me looks forward to the dissolution of flesh wrecked by time
and deception, but mostly, the release
what is the larger thing that this life is not but just the placeholder
for the process of. my life form a cellstuff  passing away
what is the feel of the feelless pattern

all our sense words are nonsense
to describe the eluctable, numinous, sensuous
oblivion of intensity/surrendered/releasing/

i feel the clouds smiling at sunrise. which is really earthspin
momentary alignment sun earth horizon line really a curve
glad for the fireinthesun and the deep ineluctable spinofearth
the lightintheskythroughthenakedarmsofwinter smokefromneightborschimneywhispingoffinlightbreeze

i always think of ants, how a curve in the tablecloth will feel like a mountain steep
that is how we are, these insurmountables are tableclothfolds
in the greater pattern that we are just stuff passing through to make
i heavemyloadofearthlife over this moundofexperience huff
but i am also inconsequent, also the fiber of being, passing through in the sewingmachine of gaia, just a breathhumripple
baskinginmorningsun, a smallglintorfleckofblueinthelargerpainting

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  1. the lightintheskythroughthenakedarmsofwinter smokefromneightborschimneywhispingoffinlightbreeze

    moundofexperience huff

    read this word, though it wasn't there:

    I think you've set a new record for longest word :)