Sunday, March 10, 2013

color swatch - (thing)sonnet

Form: (thing)sonnet

thingsonnet where the ends of lines are rhymes of pairs of kinds of things [green with envy and pewter candlesticks (color adjective + nouns as adjectives for emotional state); inflexible and used up both descriptors for an analogue] instead of sound rhymes. forget about syllables, I spent all week writing terrible syllable count sonnets and i give up

form: aabb ccdd eeff gg in thingrhymes

color swatch    (thing)sonnet

they told me i’d turn green with envy
but i felt more like pewter candlesticks
with wax dripping down, barren, inflexible,
a potential weapon, a cudgel, used up.

my friend says i’ve got decision fatigue
a kind of tiredness from choosing swatches. drained
by trying to make things match, cobbling
our old carpet and screen with a vintage

painting. inspiration arrives through the ten of cups
with a wide rainbow. finally, happiness.     the dozen leprachauns
a leaping led by Seamus who brought us here to this sanctuary
brighten all small fields of color and the saturations blur to bliss.

i know from the twist in my chest we’ve reached perfection;
there are a thousand rays of light coming from inside the prism (of us).

3-10-13  11:01p

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