Monday, January 30, 2012

Slinky 1: First Word/Last Word - Connection Poem Rules and Example Poem "Lake at Night"

1. Form: The Slinky Delta 1 form - Last and First, Morphing
So since slinkies go up and down elevators and stairs, always their last foot down is first foot up, but between those things they curve, what about a poem form where the poem's lines alternate the first word of line 1 is the last word of line 2, and last word of line 1 is the first word of line 2, but to indicate the movement across time, the words can slightly morph as the poem progresses. Small words between end and begin line words OK. No rules regarding line length or syllable counts....

2. Example - Slinky Delta Form 1

Lake at Night

Suddenly the quivering light rappels outward in gazing circles:
cycles and gyres of brightness on black. Light is a skier skittering more quickly
as trickles and trounces larger than water bugs, almost galactic, orbit
big bangs of brightness lapping against velveteen cackles.

Common grackles pierce us. Don't be mistaken: Night is never silent.
Somnolence is a myth. Dreams of sleepers are raucous -
gabbing myths louder than moonlight.
Only the lake light is brighter, bolder, louder tonight.

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