Monday, January 30, 2012

After Plaint, Praise: Thank you Air.

Dear Air,

Thank you for showing flowing growing growling swiveling driveling swishing swaying
even when all I share is plaint or growl, you prance in and out
unwittingly fueling another diaphragm expansion (ribs
lifting unerringly, until they don't).

Thank you for listening to my sorry solo singing loudly
(the only way I know how), for listening in silence when I needed to rant
in a room where I thought I was alone. I am never alone, the thrillion
buffooneries, capacities, spaciousnesses of your sizzling energizing.

Thanks for carrying the photons to photosynthesizing chloroplasts, for dazzling
me with daylight and for staying in my lungs when I plunge deep, ticking off
the moments of alertness. Thanks for tucking me in and warming me in sheets.

Who knows me better, blows all the way through me, carries out what no longer serves.
What else scours and provisions quite so intimately as you, air?
Even when my ribs stop lifting off in a breath of flight for final lift-off,
you will bathe and hold me. Thank you thank you thank you Air.



  1. Love this. I so appreciate the scope of your poems, scooter, that you area always able to open your perspective to both sides of living, all sides of existence. And I appreciate the gentleness contained in the overtly busy/percussive/flourished/nuanced language you use. Underneath it is such a gentleness of meaning and spirit. It always moves me, in this poem today, and in many poems past and I would bet, future.

  2. "carries out what no longer serves" what a wondrous exhale...thanks for this