Saturday, January 15, 2011

The View, the Ride, this Home Inside

Between Dr Suess and Human Design,
I woke up this morning feeling just fine.

My mind had been racing as minds often will do,
it had gotten all tied up, frustrated, and blue.

My mind was saying, "Watch out! You must!
"If you don't control where we're going, we simply might bust!"

Sometimes I suffer my mind being Queen
and I a lowly subject, her demanding I clean,

"Clean up this mess, the mess you've made of this life.
You simply must listen and take my advice!

"We wouldn't be in this mess if you'd surrendered to me.
And now look, it's as if you are stuck up a tree.

"You've no way out now, you're out on a limb.
You must listen to me, I'll guide you back in."

But something in me felt, "No, don't buckle under!"
It was a still clear sense that filled me with wonder.

It was if as it said, "Just wait and you'll see,
things will unfold, although quite differently."

So I waited, just me, just as I am,
waited one...
waited two...
waited three...


And wow, did things happen!
No one else might have noticed anything happening, you see,
because it was all happening to everything while inside of me!

Within what once had me hopeless, confined, and upset,
things disappeared, effortlessly shifted, dissolved
and before I knew it, I felt again resolved.

So the moral of this story, if moral's the word,
"Find the type of knowing that lives in just you
and don't buckle under until you have That in view!"

For the Queen or King of your mind will certainly have other plans,
but plans are not made of the living stuff of life.
Life is being lived as we relax and find ourselves, even admist strife.

And, anyway, my mind really has something important to do!
She's just not here to run my life, she has her own significant ware,
there is creativity, unique awareness, inspiring insights to share!


My still clear knowing, the one that is true,
lives in the listening tissues of my body and is ever new.

I celebrate that today with the help of this poem,
as I recognize on shifting ground that within me, I am Home!

Reader, thank you for reading, for rhyming with me.
And may your own ride finds its unique vitality.

Thank you Dr Suess and Ra Uru Hu,
the gifts you have proffered have opened up this View!


  1. Thanks for this poem, Janice. I am really savoring the idea of the mind thinking of itself as Queen and how to get out from under that entitlement energy and help connect the mind's wonderful gifts with its true work while connecting with my body knowing:
    "My still clear knowing, the one that is true,
    lives in the listening tissues of my body and is ever new."

  2. Hi again Scooter... wow, did I not see all your notes? I had quite the turn in my life shortly after I wrote this poem. It seems, only more recently, now a year and a half later, that I'm only now taking in much of that shift... All I can say is that I'm glad we'll be meeting soon up in Portland. I'm not sure you are even getting these replies to your comments left so many moons ago!

    I'd actually welcome the chance to talk with you sometime, maybe you are still interested in connecting with your body knowing!