Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quiescent Bless

Morning rain, rose mist for face and spirit,

morning, sitting with all that has come before

open to quiesence of self, bless self seen,

bless, touch, and cherish all self unseen.

The cycle of work, support, listening, attending

to all those needs, finding a voice for someone

else's words and vision with care and respect,

this is coming to a close; there are soon endings.

This past work calls for blessings, needs cherishing,

as do I, that self, pining at quiescence, still bleeding

of misbegotten wendings and woes. Now

touch heart and ground, lay it down, close.

These years in the making, years seen or honored

by the other impartially; not wholly evident to me.

Is this but a razzle dazzle afront by that one, who

clearly knows from behind the scenes, emptiness ~ all.

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