Saturday, October 30, 2010


It is a terrible thing to fall in love
with an airport security screener.
"Please remove your shoes," she said,
"and place them in the bin."
I stared at her, unable to speak,
grateful - so grateful -
for the lilt of her voice.
"Sir," she said,
"remove your shoes."

Outside it was snowing.
All around me, anxious travelers
divested themselves of their
precious jewelry.
I crawled onto the xray belt.
"Scan me," I cried.
"Look into my heart.
See that I am an
honest man!"


  1. Thank you, Ed.
    I love the playfulness here and the juxtaposition in your poem of being seen in this world the way the world imposes so often along with your expressed vulnerability here around wishing to be seen deeply. And for commenting on how we can get set up to feel dishonest, unworthy, and otherwise when being handled this way or wanting to be looked at in certain way. bless, Janice