Friday, May 9, 2014



I do not cross the street to get a closer look (to menace, intrude)
I am able to not write that scene to continue 
in this 
knowing a Camus moment is possible
an alignment of geological pressures coinciding
one one thousand is enough to realize to shift the focus quickly (to not dwell, not obsess)
take the finger off the trigger the eye from the object change the subject (not subject)
accept distrust of the solidity of the earth we stand on
allow the possible breach, an opening unexpected
a trembling rumbling inevitable but not time predictable
step off the curb with a surety the next earthquake will be felt


  1. I like being able to hear your voice in my head as I read. My focus is drawn masterfully to the word "not" in your split infinitives "to not dwell" and "to not write." The last line has me in a sweet quandary in that my initial reaction on reading it a sense of total connection and wonder--and then I wondered if it was necessary to the poem... But why change such a nice one-two punch at the end there?

  2. Hey Daniel - I appreciate the notice. I had a similar take. I will save the last last line for an editorial exclamation when reading the poem live.

  3. Since I've never heard your voice, J, I can't imagine you reading this poem. But, I substituted Samuel L. Jackson instead, and the effect was awesome. Like Daniel, I was drawn to the "not" repetition, but the line that I agreed to wholeheartedly was "accept distrust of the solidity of the earth we stand on." I think the last line is absolutely necessary as a counter to the unpredictable and to shore the line I love so much.