Friday, May 2, 2014

asperity and rupture: quakewriting


An asperity is an area on a fault that is stuck. The earthquake rupture usually begins at an asperity. 


this is the lethal consequence of block, writers
words stuck behind the fingernail and retina, how
they build

forcefield   stockpile   kryptonitelock

part of myself clamping part of myself
as if somehow silencing would shut down the fount of truthing
this rubbing sanding clamping cramping bracing coerc
sing asperity troubling vexing vortexing rupturing out

sputter clench sputter clench press sprout
spring sling stout shout
tumbling rumbling fiercing forking flocking
word quake bursting out
rabblemassing crumble sassing Shasta bubbling
seesawing whipsawing magmagyrating
shimmyword shake eruption

temerity loquacity vivacity bulge force spout

like the pacific coastal mountains
I didn't know
who I was
how i was
til it all came out. 


  1. I like this! The clutching sense of (creative) block and the energy of release when suddenly the improvisational breakthrough comes through--and it all comes out.
    Thrown by magmagyrating. I kept reading it mag-mag-yr-ating.

  2. I rate this quake an 8.0 on the Richter Scale. Thank heavens the asperity gave way.