Sunday, November 24, 2013

She Lies, a Simple Sin

I ask her to take a veil
and hold it up to her face,
simple shadow play

as the dancer Salome wed

to the idea of my head on ice
like the Baptist or Antoinette.

She could drop all seven shrouds
on a visit through the underworld;

but, she shuns my comedy.
She rips the cloth in two and swears
my demise is imminent, but not yet.

She covers me with lace
and plods through deep dark myths with army boots.
She lacks imagination. She's heavy.

Then, she lies like snow on leaves in the south,
a lightness that melts before morning's out.


  1. love the rhyme "shadow play" "Salome"
    I go to my parenting place reading this poem, relationship between parent and child...

    1. BTW, lovely to have you here, Linda!

    2. Thanks, Daniel -- great to be here, and thanks for asking me so long ago! PS -- you didn't catch Antoinette and yet. But, there's some distance between those two, much like the distance between two pickles removed from a jar. =)