Wednesday, November 13, 2013

IMUNURI Prompt: Other side of the veil

In this time of waning in the northern hemisphere, the veil between the world thins. What is on the other side of the veil? Poetry, perhaps more than any other form, can help imagine the unimaginable. In some cultures, beyond death, green fields. In others, fiery pits below the earth, or life on clouds. For some, rebroadcasting electrons to the galactic depths. For others, recycling into another body, perhaps not human. For some, a process in-between, or to the land of the fey. Are the ancestors in the rocks, in the air, in our breath? Or nowhere/held briefly in the memory of the living before blinking out...

Enter a revery state, between the world, and imagine the other side of the veil. 

Tags: veil, poem, <poet's moniker>, epic-earth

An ongoing series of earth-related prompts as part of an Imunuri experiment to dwell repeatedly on a theme and its riffs, and/or the possible poetry challenge, bit by bit, of producing an epic or body of poems...

Image Credits - All from Wikimedia Commons  (clockwise from upper left): J Schulman (2010), The Witch's Broom area of the Veil Nebula (CC-3); The Veils (1983), Spaceland Los Angeles (Public Domain); Tanya (2007), Veils of Humanity Sculpture, Nagasaki Peace Park, New Zealand (CC-2); HFSW (2010), Bridal Veils Park in British Columbia (CC-3). From this search.

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