Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Prompt: The Empress Has No Clothes

and now for something completely different...

Our naked bodies, fleshy, opulent or lean [we are what we eat: broccoli calves and cauliflower palms]

the volumes of personal herstory (history) [impaired range of motion at the wrist from broken arm in '95]

and tugs ticks kicks clicks [the groans of morning, subluxation sounds near the shoulder]

my ancestors in the mirror [potato farmer girth and strength]

Near spring time, as we rise again from the earth like green sprouts and reach the root toes of our being into renewal, write a poem from your body. [cf Empress card in the Tarot]

Feeling gutsy? Stand in front of a mirror, naked, and write the poem. Or just visualize: wax poetic about your elbow. This is about sense, not sex. Go natural, be a naturalist (british). Perhaps nekkidness can serve as a kind of vulnerable-making revelation. Write what happens. Scribble scribble.

Tags: empress, moniker, poem

Image:  Catal Huyuk [Turkey] goddess, with Demeter, Great Mother images - Empress Card from Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel, Motherpeace tarot

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