Monday, February 25, 2013

Bath view

Mirror submarine legs in foreshortened view,
hairiest in the middle, tapering and
plumping; two knees like balding pates—I see you—
swelling junctions of ankle; ten stubs reddened
by heat. This body bears this body I use.

This body chooses to treat this body kind,
to soak its aging paleness without staring,
to coax my collected coils toward unwinding.
Look at this furred belly skin, orangutan
contours and twin volunteering nipples, too…

When you fall into the sound of words, meanings
go blurred; as now in this undersea body
i’m getting unthought and undiscovering
what all this flesh and hair and structure could mean.
Through the surface emerges a dripping hand.

I feel its weight from inside. Two eyeballs see
this gesture of matter I think of as me.

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