Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Broken Eggs

cottage built of old pallets
fruit case ads bleed thru yellowed kitchen ceiling
must/dust cat fur on room rug,
walls bare, except 
Egyptian wall hanging spattered with egg yolk
 Horus weighs a (Red) heart against a feather (Blue )
burn marks on wall 
reflect indoor bottle rocket launches
induced haunts
upstairs one hot room before, 
only furniture a metal four-post bed
four more stairs lead up to a (duck!) short opening to a small room with a child size mattress
bay breeze drafts through windowless space
chills the day after
no window left unbroken

1 comment:

  1. Vivid picture, J! The specificity is so strong in creating a movie, a picture of what's there and what seems to have happened, not specifically, but clearly enough. "Burn marks on wall / reflect indoor bottle rocket launches" is a powerful set of lines.

    I am enjoying the clipped style of your language. It strikes me as painterly, the "no-extra" aesthetic. It helps that no unneeded articles and prepositions interfere. "chills the day after / no windows left unbroken." !!!