Thursday, July 31, 2014

bluebird canyon, laguna, july 31, 72014

no birds are not dinosaurs
anymore the same way you and i
have two lungs
gills given up the ghost
in this sunny valley mid morning
where hummingbirds
a little like flying reptiles
that sparkle come to the hibiscus
so outrageous even the wind
only ruffles skirts
it's a party in a steep walled canyon
where light seeps then colors
now raucous joined by rooster
crying baby truck and avian cacaphony
squee squee  hrrr hrrr huh hrrr
and didgeridoo of unnamed
but not nameless flying reptile
progeny. i used to wonder what our
children would do but now i know
the wind will come down this canyon
whistling in millenia milennia from now
when humans are stories, so changed
by the loping ramble of evolvosaurus
that our daughters' daughters' daughters
etc will be lithe on wing, a flicker
of flight, perhaps the hibiscus still
will offer their pink satellite fabrics
to our daughters' d d d d d etc.
who will be green
and flying
and someone else will wonder
are these pteradactyls?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Scooter, this is so cool...i'v'e been contemplating birds as decendants of dinasours lately!
    i appreciate the bio-evolutionary-historical-prophetic musing of this poem.