Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lives of Knives

from Homer (about the chariot race)

"at the .... keep from being dragged in case of accident, they carried a falx, a curved knife... to the Zephyrs, the Greens to Mother Earth or spring, and the Blues to the sky and ..."


                                             Lives of Knives

                                      Thrust into world of commerce
                                      Knives begin journey
                                          to be handled
                                          to be sharpened
                                          to be dulled
                                            broken, loved and thrown
                                        lives of knives
                                           stuck in targets
                                           stuck to racks
                                           stuck in sheathes
                                           peace tied or not.


  1. Dear *J* ~ This poem evokes so much for me... I've read it a few times at least. Today, I'm reading it as 'Lives of Words' as the movement of the poem is what I'm drawn to and carried by, so I began playing... perhaps like a dust devil plays with anything it might sweep up or with anyone watching. And too, there is a journey evoked and a(n invisible) bridge between the quote from Homer you start with, which is a deep part of the visceral experience here for me. Thank you.

    1. You are welcome...Homer reading included the island of Amorgos where I once lived for four months and learned how to milk goats and helped save the life of sweet "Carnela" before the Easter slaughter...