Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All Adds Upwards

Hear now: musicians transcend maya 
 (the illusion of self we each have).
An orchestra gathers its mana,
and song rises from the nascent hive.
Harmony: honey of the many.

To fuse in unison is to live.
To lose oneself is life’s best honey,
oozing into a pool from a line
of woven sweet. The whole great world hones
its taste on this music. It’s zany:

the swarm of cells inside a bee’s bones,
the million details that make a home,
all your memories dropped from boxes—
from mess, a lucid lyric will come,
the chaos looped and closed in a link,

fit into a geometric comb,
the sweet cellular soul of a womb.


  1. this, yes, a "lucid lyric" - the earth certainly swarms back "a sweet cellular" thanks

  2. also ah this yum "Harmony: honey of the many."