Thursday, June 6, 2013

Moving Parts

Someone welds a pipe on a metal stand
between a highway and a granite cliff.
Pull over and put your eye to the end
of the pipe. There. Can’t you see the profile
of Perry Mason? His eye, the square chin?

Years pass as life on earth and your own life
move you into the digital city.
Here any pipe you looked through would be filled
with straight edges, themselves celebrities.
So you start to keep rectangles on hand,

small totems of faces and vertices—
everyone has at least one, like passwords.
Everyone grows to have many, like teeth.
I climbed Telegraph Hill to Coit Tower
so my pulse testifies that the land lifts,

and from this view, the low parts look like swords
raised by a phalanx issuing a roar.


  1. The human pulse that testifies to life on earth...

    The artificial pulse of the digital city....

    Erecting swords into a skyspace filled with the echoing roar of mythological beasts as they pierce the electronic matrix in the atmosphere...

    I see a rusty totem pole made out of old, different sized metal pipes!

    Thanks for giving my imagination so much to play with, Daniel!


  2. Daniel- I missed this poem of yours first time around. It rocks! - thx - *J*