Thursday, January 24, 2013

delight of discovery


  1. This GIF poem reminds me of Jenny Holzer's work and a time when the power of word was lacing it's magic through the art world... maybe you know her work. Here's a link to some of it:

    Visually, I'm excited by part of what is going on in this poem. I find that I want the edges of the poem/frame to have just a bit more tension at the vertex/culmination.

    Carry on!

  2. Will do :)

    Thanks for ideas.

    Also Barbara Krueger's work...

  3. Ah, yes, to Barbara and Ed Ruscha's word works or word paintings.

    Lovely to think again
    of these works that

    inspired me so
    so many many
    days and moons

    ago --and seep
    into my current
    cup of tea today.