Sunday, May 22, 2011

Infinity sounds like this

Infinity sounds like this

melody manque
black coffee cup -cough-ee
tandem addictions ride head long
panic strikes- heart stops - recoil
flee go around get to the
outside air-space

i thought i glimpsed the moon
it was a slowly revolving
lit up cross in the Oakland sky
i thought about visiting the church below
a little later i thought about going
into a movie that already started
it is a Zuni fetish of mine

he got off the bike & sat back down at the fountain
he thought about cotton candy
& water melon pickles
carry down the sum
of the Tigris & the Euphates
in human tears & earthly minutes
(kohl and lace)
musk & mules
2 kivas that meet and form one
earth & sun

asonic bells bring momentary
pain relief clouds merge (red with)
to stencil his radiant design
dissipates into flawed seconds we carry forth
into the dancers rattles
in each circle
the sound of seeds being cracked
timb-r thee tree fell silently.

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